Why are retreats 2024’s most-needed travel movement for creative women?

As we find our way out of several years of turmoil and change, many creatives are seeking something more active, something healing, something life-changing. Something that allows us to reconnect with the heart of our creativity.

Life seems to get busier and busier each year for many of us, so the importance of taking time for ourselves has never been greater. Equally, when we live life on autopilot, we often lose sense of what really matters to us and the values we want to live by.
For creative women, our creativity is both the source of lighting up our lives and the balm to the healing we crave.

These things make for a powerful constellation of forces that bolster and lift a human life, often forging lifelong friendships.

The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest.

I recently heard this quote from Brother David Steindl-Rast. “The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness. You’re so exhausted because you can’t be wholehearted at what you’re doing…”

When we are ‘chief in charge of everything’, there is no daylight, no space to be, and no room to find your purpose again.

So what to do?

Withdrawing from activities or other people, with the aim of taking a rest, might seem like a good idea, but it can leave us isolated and without a feeling of connection in the long run. On the other hand, throwing ourselves into classes, courses, or commitments can push us toward burnout.

A creative retreat can offer space for both renewal and invigoration, with the best retreats sending you home with more creative energy, not less.

An art retreat as a kick-start for your creativity.

When it’s too challenging to take the time and space to paint at home, a painting retreat can be a great way to ignite the fire to get going again. And if art materials are included, it’s a great way to test the waters without the costly investment of getting the whole set-up at home.=

Laughter as the best medicine.

When a group of women choose the same retreat as you, in the same beautiful location, and with the same enthusiasm for your favourite artist, there’s already a good chance they are the kind of women you will enjoy spending time with. Fun and laughter are a huge part of a retreat’s success.

What to consider when choosing a Creative Retreat

Is the artist a good facilitator?

Just because you like someone’s art does not mean that they have the skills to run a good retreat. Check to see if your retreat host has run retreats before. Have they taught before? Are there testimonials from people who have had good experiences with them in the context of retreats?

How much is ‘done for you’?

How much of the experience is organised for you? You do not want to take on too much of the organising/booking yourself. It can be exhausting and lead to a lot of stress. Opt for retreats with a carefully curated itinerary, apart from just the painting sessions, including at least some meals and some free time. Remember that aim is that you return home refreshed.

Is the retreat suited to solo travellers?

If you are travelling alone, make sure that the accommodation type suits you. You might want group accommodation to help make friends, or you might prefer a room of your own to take chill time. Don’t underestimate the art of a good facilitator to include solo travellers and bring groups together.

Are you looking for a Painting Workshop or a Painting Retreat?

Naturally, a painting workshop will focus on painting and technique. A painting retreat will offer more than basic accommodation, a painting schedule. If you are looking for personal growth and creative development as well as tuition or to kick start your process, then make sure to choose a facilitator and an itinerary built to hold that space.

Are Materials Included

Travelling with art materials can be a nightmare. Most airlines have restrictions on paints and solvents that you can bring on board. Easels and other materials can be heavy and cumbersome. Remember that the aim of the art retreat is for you to come home replenished, not exhausted, so look for retreats that include art materials like paints, solvents, and easels so make your life easier.

Does the budget suits you?

Make sure you check what is and is not included in the fee.

What is usually included:
Accommodation, at least some meals, tuition, a programme with the artist/facillitaor. Accommodation standards may vary as there can be a trade-off between location and facilities. The word ‘Luxury’ may refer to what is included in the itinerary rather than the accommodation standard. Additional elements may include full board, special dining experiences, evening entertainment, and time excursions including transport to/from excursions; some retreats may also include art materials, in studio or en plein air setups.

What is usually not included:
Airfare, airport transfers, alcohol, travel/health insurance

Will you be painting on this retreat?

Although you are likely to choose an art retreat because you love the the artist’s work. You are unlikely to learn much from them unless you can put what you are learning from them into place by painting yourself. It is also worth noting that not every artists is also a good teacher.

Try to find artists who interact with their students as well as demonstrating techniques. You will learn a lot in those retreats.

art retreats are like a boot camp for creativity.

The goal standard is to grow as a painter while also making real connections with other artists, having the time of your life, and visiting gorgeous locations all over the world. Then, when you return home, you’ll have all sorts of great ideas, inspiration, and new friendships, and you’ll feel encouraged to make even more space for your creativity so you can keep going strong!

Light Up Your Creative Life

Painting Retreat

JUNE 8TH – 15TH 2024
Kerry, Ireland


Roisin O’Farrell is an Irish Artist, teacher and retreat facilitator. She hosts Painting Retreats in the USA, Ireland and Malta; bringing transformation to creative women’s lives and a space to build a deeper connection with ourselves.

Her guests immerse themselves in an artistic community, stay at a gorgeous locations, enjoy delicious private chef-made meals and local wines, and go on inspiring trips. Put together, the whole of the experience is so much more than the sum of all this. It’s a holistic experience — an experience you will take with you for a lifetime. Dare to take a leap and engage with a community of like-minded people who want the same thing as you, guided by a world-leading artist.


"I will carry these memories in my heart forever, treasure them and tend to them so that they remain forefront in my sense of knowing, that women from all over can come together and nurture and uplift each other, personally and creatively. And laugh a lot. My heart is full, and my world is larger today."

Tammy Goodrich


  • 6 nights and 7 days country accommodation & Georgian period property
  • Private, stress-free, transfers to/from Dublin City Centre
  • Painting tuition sessions daily
  • Painting materials & your own dedicated painting station.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all done for you
  • Life healing gatherings with words and storytelling with Róisín daily
  • Wake to the sound of the Wild Atlantic Ocean while nestled under the majestic Kerry mountains. A
  • Adventures to the Irish towns & villages, islands & breathtaking cliffs, beaches & ancient places. (including transport)
  • Final overnight Ring of Kerry experience with 4* hotel accommodation
  • A private music performance from one of Ireland’s best-loved women singer-songwriters.


Come to any of her Painting Retreats this year, AND get access to her Love to Paint | Learn to Paint Online course for FREE (this is valued at over well over $1000)


Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and claim your spot in the Light up Your Light Creative Painting Retreat with Ró now.

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