Artist’s Retreat

An Idyllic Artists’ Retreat in Kerry Ireland

June 8th – 15th 2024

You love to paint. You love to create… But Life is always busy!

Or maybe you are yearning to take your creativity to a deeper level, to step forward toward something new?

A hybrid between a Painting workshop, A cultural getaway, and a nurturing retreat. 

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 An artist’s retreat in a magical place


Why Ireland? Why Kerry? 

Ireland is my home and my heart and this part of south Kerry, is so magical it’s almost spiritual. 

I can bring you into the poetry of this place, be your connection to its ancient places, share it’s characters with you, make sense of it’s history for you and show you the most spectacular vistas to paint.


I’ve carefully curated an itinerary for you so you have nothing to do but relax and enjoy, with time for painting indoors and out and for gatherings, leisurely dining, music, excursions and free time to chill or swim.


Each day we will meet after breakfast to get set for the day. We will start with a creative blessing and set some thoughts or questions to infuse our chats and meanderings for the day. 
Mostly we will paint in the mornings, sometimes all day, but at various times through the week, we will come together for what I’m calling Gatherings. 

Let’s talk about the gatherings

There we’ll get to know each other, laugh, listen to poetry and music, open our hearts to inspiration, ask big questions of ourselves and maybe even answer a few. These are special times and hard to put into words, so let me introduce you to Ginger. Ginger came to my retreats in Kerry and to beautiful Malta too.


The readings, the blessings, the eye contact, the genuine intention. The lessons, the mentoring, the mothering, the friending, the preaching … a gift, all of it ! 
That is the real stand out when it came to this retreat. all of the other things are incredibly done, but this is what makes it more special than all the other retreats I’ve ever attended, so needed, so healing for all of us. 
Everybody was shining in their own special way and that’s because of Ró”
Ginger Harding Wilson

Waking up on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland.

Overlooking the stunning Kenmare estuary on the southernmost point of the ‘Ring of Kerry’ with the ocean as the backdrop to inspire your paintings and rejuvenate your creative energy.

Creative growth needs time for you to simply be. Not to be poked and harassed into motion but nurtured and released into calmness. If you feel that’s what you need, then my artist retreat will hold that space for you.

They say that there are places in the world where the distance between heaven and earth is tissue-thin. I have sat in this place in the early morning and I believe that to be true here, that the quality of this space has the ability to restore and invigorate.

Guided day trip along the Ring of Kerry & final night in Kilarney

Hold on to your hat for a really fantastic last day (if I say so myself.) We leave our home in Westcove House, after breakie, for a beautifully scenic drive along the ring of Kerry, stopping for the most beautiful views and to gather reference photos, before arriving at Muckross House for lunch. Then on to Ross Castle on the shore of the Killarney Lakes where our boatman Charlie, takes us across the lake to Innisfallon Island and the ancient monastery of St. Finian’s monastery from 640AD.

We arrive at our hotel in Killarney to rest and change and before our last evening together, starting off with a visit to The Killarney Art Gallery, followed by dinner and Music. 

Our bus back to Dublin will leave after a late breakfast the next morning. 


artists retreat roisin o'farrell

You are invited to

a one-of-a-kind idyllic artists’ retreat

June 8th – 15th 2024

A nurturing blend of painting without expectation,

Breathing life into your creativity,

Eating and drinking well,

Swaying to the music and

Allowing yourself to be looked after, for a change!

What you can expect:


A characterful Georgian period property reserved exclusively for our retreat.


Our own chef, preparing healthy, delicious meals served in the elegant dining room and in Ró's favourite local restaurants.


An creative pilgrimage over ancient spaces and windblown shores.


Painting focusing on landscape painting in our own dedicated painting studio and outside. Sessions with Ró on her approach to Practice and Process and capturing landscapes in paint.


Introductory session to Ro's six step process to painting


An unforgetable private musical performance.


Gatherings to know each other, laugh, listen to poetry and music, ask big questions of ourselves and maybe even answer a few.


Excursions, Irish Pubs, music and sea swimming for the brave.


A final, one day adventure along the Ring of Kerry, boat trip to Innisfallon Island before our last night together with dinner and hotel stay in Kilarney town.

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Pricing and room options on the next page.


A completely new painting experience with me

If you have previously studied with me, this retreat will offer a progression. The focus will be on practice and process and on landscape, rather than on still life. How could we not, in such a beautiful place?

Kerry is full of spectacular views, crying out to be painted. Jaw dropping beautiful landscape, sweeping vista down to the sea, Irish cottages, rocky shores and colourful Irish villages. But you and I know that painting outdoors is a time-consuming business. Finding the right spot and setting up can be a palaver at the best of times. The weather changes in a heartbeat at the edge of the Atlantic, there can be hot sun, rain, wind all in the same hour. In other words – all the stuff weather throws at us when we paint outdoors.

And because we are also doing other things in this Artists Retreat besides painting, I have put some thought into capturing the stunning views while also making our precious time work for us. ⁠ ⁠

En Plein Air and/or Studio

Whether you prefer outdoor or indoor painting, the choice is yours. I’ve organised a dedicated studio as our base.⁠ ⁠ I’ll guide you through my favourite locations or you can set up in the studio or on the balcony.

On the first day, I will show you my system of collating references for painting. How to take photos that are good to work from, sketching tips and what I mean by colour mapping.

The Creative Pilgrimage

Then for the rest of that first day, I will take you on what I’m calling my Creative Pilgrimage. Basically I’ll show you Kerry with my eyes. There will be some history, stories you won’t hear from a tour guide, some poetry along the way and questions to start us thinking about our own creative journey. 

We will stop to frequently to take reference photos, make preliminary sketches and colour mapping. I will bring you to all my favourite locations, all within walking distance of our hotels, and I also give you a map so you can find them easily throughout the week.  

You will need to bring a sketching kit and something to note the colours – a small watercolour or gouache set.

All levels welcome

The retreat is designed for people from a wide variety of disciplines and skill levels, from beginner to professional. The sole prerequisite to attending is an openness to being inspired, growing creatively and a willingness to explore your artistic practice.


You can paint in your media of choice. Oils, Acrylic, Watercolour Gouache, Pastel, Pencil Sketching or whatever you feel comfortable.

Materials Included

I understand that carrying art materials while traveling can pose difficulties, which is why will arrange a painting station in our studio specifically for your use. This station will be equipped with oil paints, solvents, table easels, and a basic kit. A complete list of items will be provided.

Importantly, this service is included within your fee.

However, for your outdoor work, kindly remember to bring your sketching materials along with watercolours, gouache, or any other preferred mediums to do colour mapping. If you would like to paint en plein air (outdoors) and please bring your easel and kit for this purpose. (I will provide oil paints and solvents.)

I will provide you with 

a painting station in the studio, to include

table and chair, table easel,

full set of winton oil paints,

one colour acrylic for underpainting,

solvent and

the basics of want you need to paint, water for acrylic, cups for solvent/water, palette paper, cleaning station for brushes, etc.

Not Included 
Sketching kit, canvas boards, brushes/knives, wipes, outdoor easel/kit. 
You can head out outside whenever you wish, to paint or to gather references and then paint in the studio. 
Artists retreat Roisin O'farrell

There will also be some short informal sessions where I will focus on teaching exercises to help you:

learn how to create great paintings from your own less than professional photos.

sketching for reference, value and features.

six steps to painting alla prima

colour mapping to record the sense of the place

use dynamic design - to bring drama to your paintings

atmospheric perspective - to create a sense of depth

amplify your focal point - using leading lines, sharpness and diverse line




Enjoy the benefit of an ARTISTS RETREAT and


For the next while I am offering eight weeks access to my Love to Paint | Learn to Paint Online Course, free of charge, to those that sign up for any of my 2024 Artists Retreats.
So those that want to get to grips improving their technique can get started in their own time at home or they benefit from a refresher in the areas they feel they need most.



Artists retreat Roisin O'farrell


I’m an artist. That’s what I love to do. However, my creativity is inspired and enriched by many other things than just painting.
But.. Music, music makes my heart sing!

For my first Kerry retreat I surprised my guests with a magical performance from special guest Gráinne on the last night, and let me tell you that her voice moved us beyond words and transformed us to a beautiful place. In fact, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

I can’t tell you my plans for music in Kerry 2024 just yet, but I can tell you that I have plans a foot for Magic! 

THE RETREAT experience

Although there will be painting, this is a retreat, not a course, so this will be a different kind of week with me. There will be time to rejuvenate and inspire by doing other things as well as painting.

Everywhere you look is a painting waiting to be painted


As for inspiration, you literally only need to look up! Every way you turn your head, 360 degrees, there is a beautiful composition ready to paint or to photograph to paint later.

Around the house, there are buildings with interesting shapes to work from and inside there are characterful windows and nooks and hallways if you fancy getting stuck into an interior or too.

We will also be tending to the rest of our creative hearts, mind and body with good food, great music, poetry and laughter. The best medicine of all!

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This retreat was so enriching for me, I wish I could participate in every single one. Ró, you found ways to stimulate our minds and nurture our souls. I will be processing it all for months to come. Thank you for sharing who you are and encouraging us to do the same.

Mary Dorrell

It was an absolutely incredible experience that I shall treasure for ever. Everything Ró said on the can and much much more!! I had the most amazing adventures with total strangers who have become beautiful friends. If you have the opportunity to go on one of Roisin O’Farrells Art Retreats take it. They are life-changing!!

Jane Aston

Peace of mind from start to finish

I know the normal flow of things has been disrupted in the last few years. Joining things again might look great on paper but in practice, it can be a slower affair.

For instance, an artistic retreat might sound like just what you need but the idea of going alone, with people you may have never met before? Not so much!

So, I’ve come up with a cunning plan for the small group of us attending my Artistic Retreat. One that would reassure me if I was going.. Which I am!

Pre-Retreat travel &bonding session

A zoom session facilitated by me. It will be a fun and relaxed session to get to know each other and put names to faces so that when you arrive will already know everyone a little bit.

It will also be a chance to chat about practical things like what to bring, how to getting there, what to expect so you won’t have anxiety about travel, packing, and all that practical stuff.

Constant contact when you need it

You will have the option to join our retreat WhatsApp group before the event so you will always be in contact, while traveling, at the event and afterwards to keep in contact with your gal pals and have a way to connect with me, the team and everyone in the group.

Private space

We are offering private rooms (there are a small number of shared rooms available) where you can rest and relax away from the fun whenever you need to. You are also free to opt out of any activity if you need a little quiet time for yourself.

Transport To Westcove

Westcove is approx. a 5hr drive from Dublin City.  I have arranged the option of a private bus.  June 8th: leaving Dublin City City Centre at approx 8.30am for Westcove. June 15th: Return from Killarney to Dublin City Centre.  Fee €180 included in your fee. Booking required. 

Róisín is not just an artist. She has a special gift for caring and encouraging and many years of experience in giving workshops and teaching.

From the serious business of passing on the tradition of creativity to the simple joy of painting, Róisín is committed and passionate about teaching, sharing and living creativity.

Although many artists will attend, you do not have to be an experienced artist to attend or enjoy the retreat. It will be a down-to-earth, inclusive experience, designed to bring people together for the joy of painting, living a bigger creatively life and enjoying some good company.

Róisin’s has been teaching workshops for over a decade, with many attendees returning year after year.


I can honestly say that Róisín’s teaching has completely changed the direction of my life. She has given me the confidence I needed to just simply go for it. I am proud to now call myself an artist and I still can't quite believe how well things are going. The time she takes with people, her generosity to share, and her guidance. There are not many things I can say that have so clearly changed my life but her teaching and definitely have.

Andrea Mosey

I personally had lost all my creative confidence and had so much fear and anxiety to get through. I can’t really begin to tell you how much it means for me to physically, emotionally and intellectually enjoy and engage in the creative process once again and finally be able to call myself an artist again. Love and gratitude.


It’s time to let go of your mind and let inspiration take over.

This retreat is an investment in you, in your dreams for you, and honestly, you frickin deserve it!

Join Our Retreat!

The laundry can wait—you can’t.

You’ll be thanking yourself if you do and kicking yourself if you don’t.

Are you ready for a life-changing celebration of your creative soul? A feast for the mind, body and spirit during an all-inclusive, idyllic week in one of the most beautiful places on the planet? And all within the company of an intimate group of other amazing women just like you who are up for the same? 


Fees & room options

Private Room with Ensuite

Payment in full of €5,750 or 

Payment Plan – Deposit €750 + 8 Payments of €625


Private Room with Shared Bathroom

Payment in full of €5,400 or

Payment Plan – Deposit €750 + 8 Payments of €585


Shared Room with Private Bathroom

Payment in full of €,4750 or

Payment Plan – Deposit of €750 + 8 Payments of €500


Shared Room with Shared Bathroom

Payment in full of €4,550 or

Payment Plan – Deposit of €750 + 8 Payments of €475



Pay upfront or by payment plan.

Non-refundable deposit of €750 taken at booking.

Fee includes 8 weeks Special Edition Love to Paint | Learn to Paint online course.

Please do not book your flights until we confirm it is good to do so (in rare occasions there might be slight date changes).


Join Our Retreat!

Please note the rooms vary in size, location and bathroom facilities (not all have private bathrooms). They are more like delux hostel than hotel standard and are offered on a first come first served basis strictly at the discretion of the organisers. If you have any particular requirements, please do let us know.

Kerry is a rural area and we will be doing some walking/treking. There are steps/stairs in the accommodation, no lifts. This retreat is requires you to have a moderate level of mobility.

Cancellation Policy

If YOU have to cancel: Refunds are not available unless we can rebook your place. Please note that the closer we get to the event, the less likely we will be able to find someone to replace you.

Proof of travel insurance to include Covid, which covers your costs including the retreat, is required.

If YOU cancel, but we can refill your spot: You will be refunded everything you have paid minus your non-refundable deposit of €750.

If WE have to cancel: We will refund everything you have paid minus your non-refundable deposit of €750.

Covid Policy

Updated Covid policy:

Participants are no longer required to either have a covid vaccination or a negative PCR test before travel, in order to attend and there are no vaccination restrictions to enter the country. 

Masks are not mandatory, but you are welcome to wear them if you wish.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have any necessary documentation to enter the country.

Maximum and Minimum number apply for this retreat.

This is for you

If you love to paint

If you love to laugh and grow your creative heart

If you like to eat and drink and sway to the music

If you love to be touched by poetry and shout into the wind

​​However, I only want you to come if you yearn to make a loving, creative commitment to yourself and co-create this space together. We will be setting one foot after another through the days while contemplating our individual futures, emboldened by words and thoughts and by food, wine and good company: a good holiday and a necessary creative pilgrimage in one remarkable experience.

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I will carry these memories in my heart forever, treasure them and tend to them so that they remain forefront in my sense of knowing, that women from all over can come together and nurture and uplift each other, personally and creatively. And laugh a lot. My heart is full, and my world is larger today

Tammy Goodrich

Very special memories I will carry with me forever!! It was such a magical experience, a new challenge that took me out of my comfort zone but oh how marvellous it was!!! I treasure the friendships, the love and the laughter that we shared! Thanks to all that helped me with the travels. Grainne was fabulous! Ro, thank you for feeding our souls with poems, history, and words, nurturing us to be more creative in our works of art as well as our lives!


I would just like to say, no words can express the gratitude I have in my heart for you to have been placed in my path, bringing me by the hand down a road of brightness, leaving my darkness behind me, I’m in awe of how much you’ve generously shared with us as an artist, as a poet, as a teacher and as a friend who cares, .. keep painting, definitely keep teaching ( and saving more lost souls in the world).. I will never, never forget what you have done for me and my family ... they are so glad to see me smiling again, even if it means I’ve forgotten to cook some days ☺️

Eileen Collins

Roisin’s ability to communicate and get on the level of each of her students was amazing to me. Roisin came prepared to give and that she did, she knew everyone's name and something personal about each one of her students which made her easy to be with and she put me at ease from the minute I walked in.

Yvonne Snead

At this stage in life I feel differently about myself than I did 10 years ago…even 1 year ago! The questions you asked in your retreat and your intuitive insights gave me lots to think about who I want to be going forward.
I loved every minute of the retreat!

Vicki Mann

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